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Mustang Mentors

The SMU Office of Engaged Learning invites you to join Mustang Mentors, the distinguished mentoring program at SMU. Powered by Chronus, Mustang Mentors are here to accelerate your learning, strengthen your projects, and build a community that helps you succeed.

Are you. . .

  • starting a research or entrepreneurship project?
  • in the middle of a project and need help?
  • in need of guidance in an unfamiliar field?

That’s where Mustang Mentors come in.
Introducing yourself for the first time can be intimidating. Mustang Mentors are here to make it easier.

Each member (student or mentor) makes a profile, and Mustang Mentors makes suggestions based on mutual interests. Whether you’re looking to have a coffee and brainstorm, or looking for a longer-term partnership, Mustang Mentors can connect you with the right people.
Are you looking for a mentor? Do you want to be a mentor? Join today! 

Current members: Log In here.

How can a mentor help me?

  • LEARN to navigate project challenges
  • DEVELOP a well-rounded skill set
  • REFINE your vision
  • GROW as a professional

Why should I be a Mentor?

  • DEVELOP feedback and critical thinking skills
  • ADVANCE your leadership skills
  • SUPPORT the SMU community
  • PAY IT FORWARD to the next generation

“In addition to helping me through all the trials I faced throughout my research process, my mentor was personally invested in my success and development as an individual.”— Katie Price '17

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